Reiner Riedler
Stormed Fortress Europe

In 2005, I travelled to the borders of Europe with Corinna Milborn. In the process, an important book was published. Until today, the situation has not really changed.

July 2005: Four young Englishmen blow themselves and another 52 people up on the London Underground. November 2005: Tens of thousands of young Frenchmen plunge France into two weeks of civil war-like chaos. Two acts of violence that shook the whole of Europe, but still only two of the hundreds of thousands that happen every year in the ghettos of Europe's big cities. What these young, violent Europeans have in common is their origin. They were all born in Europe, but their parents immigrated, and this origin determines their lives. Millions upon millions of people from Africa and other poor parts of the world have overcome the hurdles of European borders and settled here in recent decades - and thousands are joining them every day. A modern migration of peoples is underway - but European politics has understood nothing! As Corinna Milborn shows in her gripping report, they still think that the walls are high enough to keep out the onslaught from Africa and Asia. And that the people, some of whom have lived here for generations, are nothing more than "guest workers" who can be sent back "home" if problems arise. On site visits to the immigrant ghettos and the strongholds of the "illegals", in conversations with those affected, Corinna Milborn found out what these people think and what moves them. A harrowing report on the desperate situation of people on the fringes of European society that keeps people on their toes, arouses concern and discusses the big question: What is the way forward?


Immigration between barbed wire and ghetto. The Black Book by Corinna Milborn


Styria Premium in Verlagsgruppe Styria GmbH & Co. KG, 2006

ISBN 10: 3222132054ISBN 13: 9783222132056

Verlag: Styria Premium in Verlagsgruppe Styria GmbH & Co. KG, 2006

ISBN 10: 3222132054ISBN 13: 9783222132056