Reiner Riedler

A documentary movie by Reiner Riedler, 94 min, German (EN)

Available versions:
German original version
German original version with English subtitles


In his early fifties, successful magazine photographer Michael Appelt moves back into his old childhood home to care for his mother, who is beginning to suffer from dementia.
Appelt, himself traumatised after a long stay in hospital and suffering from severe depression, lovingly cares for his mother and dreams of earlier adventures when his world, dominated by photography, was still in order.
Reiner Riedler's documentary film is a personal portrait of a friend and companion that not only tells of the essential themes of being human, growing old and confronting the hopeless, but also makes Michael Appelt's impressive photographic oeuvre accessible.
First and foremost, however, "The Good Years" is a filmic testimony to the unconditional love that forms the basis for mother and son to live together in times of change.




Director: Reiner Riedler
Script: Katja Schröckenstein, Reiner Riedler
Editing and dramaturgy: Gerhard Daurer
Co-editing: Martin Biribauer
Dramaturgical advice - editing: Eva Hausberger
Dramaturgical advice - concept: Katja Schröckenstein
Sound: Eva Hausberger, Andreas Pils, Maximilian Rosenberger
Artistic advice: Frank Robert
Sound design and mixing: Andreas Pils
DIT / First Camera Assistant / Drone: Maximilian Rosenberger
Color grading and compositing: Bernhard Hochenauer
Music: Imre LB
Additional music: Martin Hemmer
Production consulting: Catrin Freundlinger, Veronika Hraby
Title design: Michael Fürnsinn / buero8
Protagonists: Michael Appelt, Christine Appelt, Astrid Biribauer, Frank Robert, Katharina Schrems, Hannes Kment
Production: Reiner Riedler Film Production

Produced with the support of:
BMKÖS, ORF as part of the film/television agreement, MA7, Province of Lower Austria


PRODUCTION:  Reiner Riedler Filmproduktion