Reiner Riedler
CAMERA Work for ZDF Filmproduction

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Sex und Macht - A film by Edith Dietrich and Birgit Bronk

Camera: Jennifer G√ľnther, Max von Matthiessen, Lennart Schweizer, Markus Dassel and Reiner Riedler

I had the pleasure to shoot the parts in Vienna and Tuzla/ Bosnia.

"More than half of all women experience sexualised violence in their professional lives. Power imbalances and dependency relationships make abusive behaviour possible in the first place. And anyone who defends themselves or makes the abuse public is taking a huge risk.

In October 2017, the #MeToo movement brought sexualised violence into the public eye. Allegations of harassment were levelled against many powerful men from the worlds of culture, politics and business - in the USA against Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump. In Germany against the director Dieter Wedel, in Austria against the media mogul Wolfgang Fellner."

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