Reiner Riedler
EXHIBITION: SWEAT at Gallery Photon, Ljubljana, 23. 11. – 15. 12. 2023

Reiner Riedler: SWEAT. Portraits of the Invisible

Exhibition opening: Thursday, November 23 at 7 pm.

23. 11. – 15. 12. 2023

In a solo exhibition at Photon, we present the Sweat series by renowned Austrian photographer Reiner Riedler. Although sweating is taboo in today’s world, the artist has used it as a form of artistic expression. Fascinated by the image that sweat drew on his T-shirt after a run, when he wiped his face on it – a kind of spontaneous self-portrait – he used the sweat of others to create a series of images. He turned to the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Munich, where they provided him with a special sensory fabric that he could place on or under his sweat models. Thus, Riedler used the sweaty body as a kind of model for creating life-size negatives. He then photographed these and turned them into monochrome prints and cyanotypes.

At the opening, Reiner Riedler will also perform a live “sweat image” performance especially for the Ljubljana audience, for which he needs one or two volunteers. Anyone who would like to take part as a model should contact the Photon Gallery contacts below by 20 November at the latest!

You can read more about the artist here.
The series is also featured in a book, available here.

More pictures of the opening


Dec 10, 2023