Reiner Riedler
ARTSCOPE VIENNA Webpage online

I am happy to announce that the website of our collaborative project Artscope Vienna is now online.
Before the pandemic, we, Leni Deinhardstein, Lisa Rastl and Reiner Riedler, started thinking about how to make cultural spaces accessible virtually. And how we can achieve the best possible, true-colour immersive access to exhibitions.

"With us as experienced partners, you will be able to enhance your website with 360° photography of exhibition spaces, virtual tours, and 3D object photography. Thus, you can help online visitors experience the art and your space in a new and rich way. Furthermore, we offer film documentations of exhibitions, videos for livestreaming and virtual tours (Matterport). Our range of services includes both color proof reproduction and object photography, as well as traditional exhibition documentation.

All three are connected by their joint education as photographers at the institution of  “die Graphische”, Vienna, and for many years have had a procreative exchange as colleagues and a common interest in exploring innovative developments of photography and to implement them in the best possible way."

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May 24, 2020