Reiner Riedler
The Unseen Seen


Exhibition catalogue

A project that represents the interface between photography and my personal work: Photographs of film reels in film archives.
The concept is to confront the viewer with the image of an object (film reels) and evoke images from the viewer's memory. When you read the title of the film, I want to evoke emotions and images from memory.
Through my friend Volkmar Ernst, who works there as a technician, I gained access to the film archive and museum "Deutsche Kinemathek" in Berlin. I drew up a list of well-known films and those with unusual titles. I set up a small photo studio in the archive's cinema room and backlit the film reels by installing film lights behind the objects and lighting each reel in the same way to ensure continuity. The result was a collection of images from several hundred rolls of film.
While collecting and selecting the film reels, I noticed analogies between the colour and shape of the reels and the content of the films. In addition to the nostalgic connotation that relates to the film itself, there is also the nostalgia that relates to the loss of a tradition. This project also deals with this loss - "the death of film".


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